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March 30, 2020

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Hello, World!

I've been meaning to build a blog for a while, but I always put it off (at least for my own portfolio site). Priorities, lol.

I think blogging is important though, especially for programmers. There's a lot we have to keep track of, especially when it comes to coding best practices, techniques and even stuff to just memorize. It's impossible to keep it all in our head.

For example, I often forget what the shortcut to type emoji on a Mac is, so I'll "save" that here to this blog. Next time you want to use emojis, just hit `Ctrl-Cmd-Space` and it should come up. 💻

🧠 Store Your Brain In The Cloud

Pretty much this is the philosophy I'm subscribing to right now. I use apps like Evernote / Notion to just write out all my big plans / goals, as well as tactics to get to those goals day-to-day, week to week, month to month, year over year. I also put all my fun stuff I want to do as well in these notebooks (e.g holiday plans, stuff I want to watch, eat, do).

Then if I ever have a weird moment where I'm forgetting what I need to do, I just look up my "brain in the cloud" and re-download my instruction set. That makes life super easy for me to just get back on track to whatever needs to be done.

If I ever were to re-spawn, I hope I could download my brain again from the cloud and resume. Maybe if I could save my spiritual energy too (e.g. unique electron patterns that make up my conscious), I could guarantee to myself that my "id" is always the same (and not a copy) even if I have a new body/form -- especially if I get beamed from one ship to another in outer space.

Lol, if that last sentence was kinda strange -- forgive me it is past my bedtime here. That's what happens when you code late at night, you start becoming part of the "machine", and it also becomes part of you. 🤖

More Blogs On the Way

Anyway, now that I have a blog, I'll blog more! Yay! This will make for great reference in the future, so future me is happy too! 🤓


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