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Hi, and welcome to my web developer portfolio. I decided to create a portfolio given that the traditional 'paper' resume feels a bit incomplete in this modern era. It feels a bit impossible to sum up EVERYTHING about me onto two pieces of paper.

I realize some people just want the "cliff notes", and so yes I would hand them a resume, but for those who are more detail oriented like myself, I think they would appreciate a website like this.

So Who Am I?

I go by Vijay (rhymes with D.J.), or if you are an Indian, you’ll know my name sounds more like "Vih" jay. Either way is fine with me, so long as you don’t call me VY-JAY or my favorite (V-HEY) — totally wrong. It goes without saying, if you butcher my name — I probably might ignore you on voicemail :). (Thank God for email right?). As for my last name; it sounds like "Men" -"Inn". "By Mennen!"

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working in sunny Southern California as a self-taught web developer using programming languages like PHP and JavaScript. My specialty has been building websites using platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Zend and Django. Along the way, I also started a group called JavaScriptLA which helps developers like myself become better with JavaScript tools and frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.js. I have also mentored and taught at coding bootcamps like General Assembly and Thinkful — all which I can say has helped me really understand how to learn and study better, and help others as well get up to speed on changing technologies.

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